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There are many types of safari experiences available, from ones that involve sitting patiently in hides to those that entail floating or flying over the wilderness. We’ve curated all our individual African safari experiences into themes here, with each set containing a further curated selection of things to see and do. What kind of luxury African safari experience speaks to you?

As Shakespeare noted, Africa is filled with golden joys. No luxury African safari need ever be the same as the next, with so many life-changing African safari experiences available.

If it’s exhilarating wildlife encounters you want, it can only be Africa. The continent’s unmissable migrations won’t fail to move you, while spending time with great apes is perhaps the most empathetic wildlife encounter of all.

Safari vehicles are the classic way to get close to game, and you do this in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya or Tanzania. Whichever destination you choose, you’ll return more grounded. And by taking to the air, you’ll benefit from a change in perspective, too.

Exploring on foot, however, is deeply satisfying, while four-legged safaris (on horse- or camelback) let you join the herd. Or enjoy hiding out and waiting for creatures to come to you.

Africa’s culture and history are just as compelling as its ecology, and fascinating tales await on iconic day trips. These could see you following meandering Africa’s waterways or exploring shipwrecks and treasure islands – Africa’s oceans and beaches will help you wave goodbye to life’s stresses.

Nightfall need not be an end to your adventures – safaris under the stars are out of this world, and after a long night of gazing at heavenly bodies, a more relaxed pace could be in order – time for a slow safari, perhaps.

Africa will undoubtedly nourish your soul, and tantalise your taste buds too – cities like Cape Town offer superb wining and dining. Tuck in!

Africa's Beaches & Oceans

Spending time on Africa's beaches, seas and islands is for me the ideal counterpoint to a more terrestrial African safari. It’s the perfect way to unwind, and there’s a lotContinue Exploring…...

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Africa's Great Apes

Encountering Africa’s wildlife is always thrilling and impressive, but I find that it’s only with the great apes that I feel a genuine connection. For me, the way they move,Continue Exploring…...

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Meandering along Africa's rivers, deltas and lakes is a unique African safari experience.

Africa's Meandering Waterways

Exploring Africa’s rivers, deltas and lakes gives a you a different perspective, as well as letting you get close to the birds, mammals and reptiles that prefer a watery habitat.Continue Exploring…...

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Africa's Wildebeest Migration

Africa's Wildebeest Migration. It’s an endless loop of hooves and horns, hope and heartbreak encompassing Africa’s Serengeti and Masai Mara – countless creatures in thrall to the rains and newContinue Exploring…...

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Learning about Africa's people and their origins is a fascinating part of an African safari.

Culture & History

Like many safari-goers, my main reason for going on my first African safari was to see wildlife. Since then, I’ve returned many times, and in the process I’ve also developedContinue Exploring…...

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Exhilarating Wildlife Encounters

During my African safaris, I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy some really exhilarating wildlife encounters. There’s an element of luck involved, but a much more important factor is the skillContinue Exploring…...

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When in a hide on your African safari it's possible to secretly watch wildlife from up close. © Great Plains Conservation

Hiding Out

I always admire the ingenuity of safari folk when it comes to creating hides from which we can watch wildlife in secret. The classic spot, like the lovely hide atContinue Exploring…...

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Take a day trip somewhere exciting during your African safari, like Cape Point.

Iconic African Day Trips

When I think of all the experiences I’ve enjoyed on my African safaris, a few iconic day trips really stand out. Places that were perhaps that little more remote, orContinue Exploring…...

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There's nothing quite like game viewing from the backs of horses and camels on your African safari.

Riding Safaris

Being mounted on a horse or a camel gives you quite a different perspective on your African safari, and it’s one I greatly enjoy. The two experiences are quite different,Continue Exploring…...

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African safaris take wining and dining to a whole new level. © &Beyond

Safari Dining

If you haven’t thought of Africa as a foodie’s paradise, it’s time to reconsider. Whether you want to sample intriguing local dishes or fine dine, the continent will please (andContinue Exploring…...

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Sleeping under Africa's skies is an amazing African safari experience.

Safaris Under The Stars

There are many five-star accommodation options available on an African safari, but I’d like to tell you about a select group of so-called ‘million-star’ properties: raised platforms, star beds andContinue Exploring…...

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Taking an unhurried look around during your African safari lets you get a real sense of things.

Slow Safaris

With modern life being lived at such a frenetic pace, an African safari offers the ideal opportunity to slow things down and live in the moment. Some luxury lodges areContinue Exploring…...

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There's nothing quite like floating and flying over wild landscapes on an African safari.

Taking To The Air

Taking to the air offers a new perspective on the intricate mosaic of habitats that make up this rich and diverse continent. Add to this the joy that comes withContinue Exploring…...

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The Great Wildebeest Migration is among Africa’s most awe-inspiring experiences. © Andrew Schoeman

Unmissable Migrations

If a safari is a journey, then nothing better embodies the spirit of an African safari than the continent’s unmissable migrations – epic voyages across national boundaries in search ofContinue Exploring…...

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Walking Safaris

Going on walking safaris in Africa’s wild places means you’ll leave just the tiniest of traces on the continent, but ensures your African safari will leave you with indelible memories.Continue Exploring…...

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Exploring Botswana by vehicle during your African safari will let you see her many elephant.

Wildlife Viewing Experiences In Botswana

I like to think of Botswana as one of the jewels in the crown of Southern Africa. As it’s such an immense country, with some of Africa’s largest protected wildernessContinue Exploring…...

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If you drive around Kenya on your African safari you might capture the classic scene of an elephant against Kilimanjaro.

Wildlife Viewing Experiences In Kenya

An safari itinerary of Kenya reads like a roll call of Africa’s most iconic wildlife-viewing destinations. Seasoned Kenya safari veterans will tell you that this is where the modern safariContinue Exploring…...

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South Africa is known for its leopard, which you can see from a vehicle on your African safari.

Wildlife Viewing Experiences In South Africa

You won’t be surprised to learn that I love going on safari in South Africa. This is a country that really does have it all, but for now I’m goingContinue Exploring…...

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Wildlife Viewing Experiences In Tanzania

The scale of Tanzania’s wild places belies the intimacy of the wildlife encounters. Each park and reserve fully merits being explored by safari vehicle, and can offer serenity, drama orContinue Exploring…...

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During your African safari you can stop and take a good look at Zimbabwe's crocs from the safety of your vehicle.

Wildlife Viewing Experiences In Zimbabwe

Every time I’m on safari in Zimbabwe, surrounded by game, I’m reminded that this is a country with a fine conservation track record and that there are two quintessential AfricanContinue Exploring…...

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