Africa's Meandering Waterways Exploring Africa's Rivers, Deltas And Lakes

Exploring Africa’s rivers, deltas and lakes gives a you a different perspective, as well as letting you get close to the birds, mammals and reptiles that prefer a watery habitat. You’ll feel in tune with the infinite flow of energy and life as you cruise along ribbons of moving water.

Glance at a satellite image of Africa and trace the skeins of blue with a finger, then join me as we cruise the Rufiji River Delta, snaking between sand bars in search of hippo. Or we could slow things down with a smooth glide across the Okavango Delta in a mokoro – Botswana’s answer to the gondola.

It’s hard to improve on an African sunset, but add water and you’ll have mesmerising reflections and lifelong memories. The Zambezi River is my favourite watery strip – not only are the sunset cruises here sublime, but it’s also where I caught my first tiger fish. Or if you’re ready to shoulder the burden of propelling yourself, you’ll enjoy a guided canoe safari on the same river.

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