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Financial Considerations

It’s been said that spending money on experiences, rather than things, makes us happier. Going on safari is the ultimate adventure, but as safaris take you to some of the planet’s most remote locations, they can sometimes be a little more expensive than some other holiday options. Here are some financial considerations and some information about how we take care of your investment in happiness.

African Safari Prices | Art of Safari

African Safari Prices – How Much Does A Safari Cost?

Africa is a unique and diverse continent, with many countries and a staggering array of wilderness areas, safari lodges and experiences. Combine this with African safari prices that literally changeContinue Exploring…...

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You can look forward to your dream luxury African safari secure in the knowledge that you're financially protected with Art of Safari.

Financial Protection

Much like any reputable travel company, Art of Safari is financially bonded. What does this mean? It means that any deposit you make with us is protected by a bondingContinue Exploring…...

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African Travel Deals & Special Safari Offers | Art Of Safari

African Safari Special Offers

We've scoured the continent for African safari special offers and safari travel deals, and here's our curated selection of the very best. These special offers are constructed in a varietyContinue Exploring…...

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African Safari Price Guarentee | Art Of Safari

Price Guarantee

At Art of Safari we believe that we provide exceptional value for money for the African safaris we sell. We’re so confident of this that if you get a quoteContinue Exploring…...

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Getting The Best Value For Money on Safari | Art Of Safari

Getting Value For Money For A Safari

When weighing up safari options, people often simply compare their prices at face value. However, the true worth of a safari is in its value for money: what exactly itContinue Exploring…...

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Making luxury safaris affordable

Making Luxury Safaris More Affordable

An African safari cost can be expensive, and while it’s worth every cent, there are many ways to experience the best that Africa has to offer while ensuring you getContinue Exploring…...

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