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Mozambique’s Best Beach-holiday Experiences A curated selection of the finest beach holiday experiences in Mozambique

If you’re after an island paradise for your holiday, look no further than Mozambique. Among Mozambique’s best beach-holiday experiences, you can snorkel, kayak and swim to your heart’s content, or simply laze on a lounger. Bliss!

Mozambique’s idyllic coastline seems to stretch on forever, and while you’re enjoying the best Mozambique beach-holiday experiences, you’ll wish that time could, too. Whether you’re on the mainland or one of the jewel-like archipelagoes, Mozambique offers you the chance to do as much or as little as you wish.

We can suggest Mozambique’s best beach-holiday experiences – check out our recommendations below. But ultimately, it’s your holiday, and if you choose to spend it reading on a lounger, that’s just fine by us.

Of course, there are opportunities to be more active – snorkelling and scuba diving let you drop in on the busy lives of colourful reef inhabitants, while kayaking the Quirimbas allows you to explore the mangrove swamps and keep an eye out for mermaids (strictly speaking, they’re dugong).

The quintessential Mozambique experience is island-hopping in the Quirimbas, particularly if you choose a traditional dhow as your means of transport. These sailing vessels have been used on this coast for centuries, and there’s nothing quite like standing in the prow as dolphin cavort around you.

Being cast adrift on a sandbar is a wonderful way to spend the day – all you need is a picnic, a bottle of something suitably refreshing and a parasol. Any footprints the two of you leave behind will be erased by the tide, but only after you’ve been ‘rescued’.

Mozambique Snorkeling | Mozambique is a spectacular setting for snorkelling.

Snorkeling The Reefs Of Mozambique

Sailing to a reef on board an inflatable boat during your Mozambique holiday lets you see the Indian Ocean’s sparkling surface before you plunge beneath it into its warm, turquoiseContinue Exploring…...

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When kayaking on the Quirimbas Archipelago you’ll see how crystal clear the water is.

Kayaking The Quirimbas

Mozambique holidays on the Quirimbas Archipelago offer the perfect blend of indulgent relaxation and more active pursuits, and kayak excursions are the perfect example. They’re just strenuous enough to giveContinue Exploring…...

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Quirimbas Scuba Safari | The Quirimbas Archipelago is known for its legendary scuba diving.

Scuba Safari In The Quirimbas

Why not add an aquatic dimension to your Mozambique holiday? A Scuba safari in Mozambique offers some of the world’s best underwater viewing. There are a number of beautiful, pristine reefs,Continue Exploring…...

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Visit remote sandbars when island hopping on a Quirimbas dhow safari.

Island Hopping In The Quirimbas

Explore the Quirimbas Archipelago on a traditional wooden dhow, sailing from island to island to discover pristine coral reefs, unique birdlife and otherworldly mangrove forests. After snorkelling, you’ll dine onContinue Exploring…...

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You’ll arrive by boat for your private sandbar picnic in Mozambique.

Playing Castaway On An Idyllic Sandbar

The climax of your Mozambique holiday might well be spending time on a sandbar, far from shore. These sandy slivers only reveal themselves at low tide: peaceful, picturesque and altogetherContinue Exploring…...

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