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Best Botswana Safari Experiences Our Curated Selection Of The Best Safari Experiences in Botswana

For safari lovers, a Botswana safari offers pretty much all of the safari activities you can imagine among Africa’s best safari experiences. From game drives to walking safaris, mokoro excursions, boat trips, hot-air balloon rides and more … these are the best Botswana safari experiences.

When it comes to safaris, Botswana is a paradise for humans as well as wildlife. With so many different habitats to explore, and a variety of ways to traverse them, the best Botswana safari experiences are not easy to categorise.

They’re easy to enjoy, however – whether you like your landscapes lush and green, or open and golden, you’ll find much here to delight you. Go on a game drive on the Chobe Floodplains or a hot-air balloon ride over the Okavango Delta, or take the controls yourself on a Kalahari quad bike.

Whatever your chosen form of transport, you’ll find yourself spending as much time stationary as moving – there’s simply so much that you’ll want to stop and look at.

The best Botswana safari experiences even include some where the line between movement and standing still is very indistinct. A mokoro excursion lets you get in touch with traditional lifestyles, while admiring the glittering wonders of the ‘jewel of the Kalahari’.

While the Okavango may snaffle the headlines, other parts of Botswana are just as worthy of attention. Criss-cross seemingly endless tracts of desert with the local San people and receive a lesson in sustainability that’s as old as the Tsodilo Hills. To the San, survival is a concept that applies to entire ecosystems, not merely the humans that make up part of it.

Quad biking on the Makgadikgadi Pans is a magical experience. © Uncharted Africa

Quad Biking To Kubu Island

A vast salt pan might seem a strange place to find a hippo, but that’s the local name of Botswana’s forgotten Kubu Island. This is a place that time andContinue Exploring…...

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An Okavango Delta balloon safari is the experience of a lifetime.

Drifting Over The Okavango Delta In A Balloon

A hot-air balloon safari over the Okavango Delta is a thrilling adventure – one of the best Botswana safari experiences. You’re suspended in a wicker basket above this marshy waterlandContinue Exploring…...

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With their jolly striped flanks, zebra always add pizazz to the wilderness. Makgadikgadi zebra migration

Being Dazzled By The Makgadikgadi Zebra Migration

The Makgadikgadi Zebra Migration is one of Southern Africa's most surprising phenomena. Each year, zebras trek between the Okavango Delta and Makgadikgadi Pans in search of fresh grazing. Why someContinue Exploring…...

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The San have been roaming the Kalahari since roughly 44,000 BCE. © Uncharted Africa

Combing The Kalahari With The San

This unforgettable San experience is an interpretive guided walk led by members of a clan, and it provides insights into the traditional lifestyle of these ancient people in Botswana. WhenContinue Exploring…...

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Linyanti safari | An enchanting part of Botswana.

Lagoon Hopping In Linyanti

A Linyanti safari – one of the best safari experiences in Botswana – explores the legendary swamplands of the country's north. Vast herds of elephant and buffalo gather here, especiallyContinue Exploring…...

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In the Makgadikgadi, you can get up close and personal with on a meerkat experience.

Making Friends With Makgadikgadi Meerkats

Years of scientific study have resulted in several meerkat colonies in Botswana being semi-habituated. Some lodges offer a great meerkat experience – one of Bostwana's best safari experiences – takingContinue Exploring…...

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Makeshift bridges let you drive across water channels on an Okavango Delta safari.

Discovering The Okavango Delta

An Okavango Delta safari puts you in touch with the watery world of northern Botswana where the Kalahari Desert meets the floodwaters of the Okavango River. Take a game driveContinue Exploring…...

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Chobe floodplains safari | The Chobe Riverfront has arguably Botswana's densest concentration of wildlife.

Exploring The Chobe Floodplains On Safari

Enjoy a Chobe Floodplains safari in one of Africa’s great national parks. Its northern border is bounded by the Chobe River and adjacent floodplains, an area rich in game, especiallyContinue Exploring…...

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Chobe safari | The Savute Channel or ‘Stolen River’ floods and dries up on its own mysterious schedule.

Meandering Along The Savute Channel

Our Chobe safari took us to the legendary Savute Channel in northern Botswana. This area has a history of flooding and drying up inexplicably, probably as a result of tectonicContinue Exploring…...

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Relax as your guide navigates your mokoro safari through the Okavango Delta.

Gliding Across The Okavango Delta In A Mokoro

A mokoro safari in the Okavango Delta is one of Botswana's best safari experiences, allowing you to experience the life of this watery wonderland in a traditional craft. View mammalsContinue Exploring…...

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The black-maned lion found in the Central Kalahari gets its name from its unusual mane.

Seeing Black-maned Lion In The Central Kalahari

The Central Kalahari is one of the most remote wilderness areas in Botswana. Going on a luxury safari in this region is all about big skies and arid beauty. InsteadContinue Exploring…...

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