Like happy hippo, you'll have plenty to see and do in Zambia.

Zambia’s Best Safari Experiences A curated selection of the finest safari experiences in Zambia

Although perhaps most famous for its walking safaris, Zambia has plenty to see and do, including witnessing the world’s largest mammal migration (it’s bats!) and going tiger fishing on the mighty Zambezi River. Sound interesting? Read on to find out more about Zambia’s best safari experiences

Zambia has so much to offer safari lovers, it’s impossible to tire of it. With the abundance of things to see and do, we found it difficult to narrow down the list of Zambia’s best safari experiences.

Whether you prefer to walk, paddle, soar or simply sit still and watch, Zambia has it all. It’s great national parks and reserves are renowned for the quality of the guided walking safari opportunities that they offer, but that’s merely the tip of the termite mound.

However you choose to explore during the best Zambia safari experiences – by vehicle, hot-air balloon or canoe – there’s always something new to discover here. Walking lets you slow down the pace and focus on some of the smaller details, while a hot-air balloon flight enables you to take in the vastness of the landscapes, and view wildlife from a whole different perspective.

Our advice to all travellers to Zambia is to expect the unexpected, from the Kasanka bat migration (whose participants outnumber the itinerant wildebeest of East Africa) to the chance to tussle with a tiger.

Zambia has an untouched quality to it – and therein lies much of its charm. It’s this rawness that makes the best Zambia safari experiences so special. Not for nothing has this alluring and sometimes perplexing country been dubbed ‘the real Africa’.

Microlight Victoria Falls | If you prefer the enclosure of an aircraft, you can fly over Victoria Falls in a Bat Hawk instead of a microlight.

Microlighting With The Angels Over Victoria Falls

After seeing Victoria Falls on foot, take to the air and view the falls from above. A microlight safari offers an intimate and adventurous encounter with ‘The Smoke that Thunders’,Continue Exploring…...

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Zambia Safari Experience | Art Of Safari

[Video] The Zambia Safari Experience

If you’re considering a luxury Zambia safari, this video will open your eyes to the many wonders the country offers, from the Kasanka bat migration to Murchison Falls, the KuombokaContinue Exploring…...

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Drive next to cantering wildebeest during the migration in Zambia.

Discovering The ‘Other’ Wildebeest Migration At Liuwa Plains

The Liuwa Plains wildebeest migration in Zambia is one of Africa’s great natural phenomena. It’s second in enormity only to the Masai Mara–Serengeti trek, and yet it’s hardly known. EachContinue Exploring…...

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Zambezi sunset cruise | Sunset is a sublime time to be on the Zambezi.

Cruising the Zambezi at Sunset

Board a small river boat and set off on a fabulous Zambezi sunset cruise. Sip on sundowner drinks and nibble on snacks as you slowly thread your way between twoContinue Exploring…...

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A Zambezi river safari means seeing elephant bathing.

Leaving Footprints In The Lower Zambezi

By the time it reaches the Lower Zambezi in Zambia, the river has spent much of its energy and it becomes a broad, meandering ribbon of water. Its slower paceContinue Exploring…...

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Zambezi Canoe Safari | Drift along the Zambezi shore and see what wildlife you can spot on a canoe safari.

Paddling The Zambezi On A Canoe Safari

Follow Livingstone's epic journey on a canoe safari along the Zambezi in a tranquil bird- and game-watching opportunity like no other. Skirting half-submerged hippo and lurking crocodile, majestic elephant andContinue Exploring…...

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The Kasanka bats could well be mistaken for leaves blowing in the wind.

Beholding The Kasanka Bat Migration

There are more than enough flying mammals involved in the annual bat migration to literally darken the dawn and dusk skies over Kasanka, a remote swamp in Zambia. The KasankaContinue Exploring…...

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Fly camping in Zambia is often done on soft riverbeds.

Fly Camping In Zambia

For a never-to-be-forgotten Zambia safari, visit South Luangwa National Park. Take a hike from your lodge and set up a rustic camp in the heart of the African bush, whereContinue Exploring…...

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South Luangwa Safari Experience Video | Art Of Safari

[Video] The South Luangwa Safari Experience

If you’re considering a safari in Zambia's South Luangwa National Park, sit back and spend the next two minutes absorbing the South Luangwa safari experience. The presence of the Luangwa riverContinue Exploring…...

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Be careful not to catch an elephant when tiger fishing in Zambia.

Catching Tigers In Zambia

During your Zambia safari, set off in a boat from your camp in Lower Zambezi National Park for an afternoon of catch-and-release fishing. Tiger fishing in Zambia offers a thrillingContinue Exploring…...

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You’ll even traverse rivers during your Zambia walking safari.

Taking A Walk In The Wild In Zambia

A walk in the wild doesn’t get much better than a mobile Zambia walking safari. This five-night adventure takes you on foot through a remote corner of South Luangwa NationalContinue Exploring…...

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Busanga safaris are full of buffalo.

Uncovering The Busanga Plains

Combining a Selous-like sense of remoteness with beautifully varied scenery reminiscent of the Okavango Delta, the Busanga Plains in northern Zambia are less well-known than either. Which, of course, onlyContinue Exploring…...

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