Safari in October

Where To Go On Safari In October

An African safari in October can be hotter than most other months in Africa, but arguably it’s one of the best. It’s the month before the rains arrive and the dry, thinned-out vegetation makes it easy to find and view Africa’s wildlife. Most water sources have dried, forcing wildlife to congregate at the remaining waterholes and perennial rivers, making for exceptional gatherings of game.

Northern Kenya safari in October

Despite being the old stalking grounds of Born Free’s Elsa the lioness, Meru National Park in Northern Kenya remains a comparatively little-known reserve, so you’re free to enjoy it at your own pace on a safari in October. Northern Kenya is arid and rainless for nine months of the year; this makes for ideal game viewing along the palm-fringed rivers that flow down from Mount Kenya and through Meru, or the perennial Ngiro River that flows through Samburu National Park. Continue exploring…

Northern Serengeti safari in October

Intercept the Great Wildebeest Migration in the northern Serengeti as its great herds turn tail south, leaving the Masai Mara. The breeding grounds of the southern Serengeti beckon, but on an African safari in October we can’t conceive of a better place to watch them than right here. Continue exploring…

Ngorongoro Crater safari in October

Ngorongoro Crater is both a round and a year-round destination, but the warmer temperatures during October now make overnighting at any of the safari lodges on the crater rim somewhat different to a safari at altitude during the winter months. While sipping gluhwein in front of a roaring wood fire after a winter safari is not at all unpleasant, the warmer weather makes watching the sunset over the crater rim from your room verandah’s a sight to remember. Continue exploring…

Chobe Floodplains safari in October

Safari activities are generally scheduled to catch Africa’s wildlife at their most active, around sunrise and sunset. By matching your activity with Chobe’s animals you can alternate top quality game viewing with judicious use of the aircon and swimming pool back at the lodge. If you’re a buffalo or elephant, you’ll be drawn instead to the Chobe River and its floodplains – the herds swell long before the summer rain clouds do. Here and in neighbouring Zimbabwe, game drives and boat excursions along the Chobe and Zambezi rivers can yield stupendous viewing. Continue exploring…

Maputaland safari in October

While others begin buckling down for winter in Europe and North America, segue your autumn into the Southern African spring, where ocean waves lapping the Maputaland beaches offer the perfect combination with a safari in Botswana, Zimbabwe or South AfricaWith miles of golden beaches stretching to the horizon on each side of the border with Mozambique, October is a perfect time for that combined safari-and-beach holiday. Continue exploring…

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