Where to go on safari in December

Where To Go On Safari In December

An African safari in December allows you to experience, the Southern African green season, when the bush comes alive with fresh grass growth, flowers and newborn animals, and being summer it makes for ideal safari & beach holidays. But wait, there’s more…

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest safari in December

While summer storms light up Southern African skies, Uganda enters a three-month dry period that creates ideal gorilla-trekking conditions. Paths are less slippery, while the absence of rain means better visibility – you won’t be peering through the mist to see gorilla. Similar conditions also occur from June to August each year, with the forest being impenetrable in name only. Go full primate, by trekking for chimpanzees in one of Uganda’s other forest reserves. Continue exploring…

Maputaland safari in December

Safari and beach holidays are one of the best ways to enjoy a safari in December, and including Maputaland in your itinerary gives you access to private game reserves situated just inland from the coast. A morning safari can segue into a beach brunch before scuba in the afternoon. Tick off lion and lionfish in the same day – or even the Big Five before you dive. Continue exploring…

Serengeti safari in December

To enjoy the Great Wildebeest Migration in relative isolation, you could do far worse than be in the central Serengeti during December. With the peak season over, there’ll be far fewer human travellers – just the impressive spectacle of the herds bound for the southern Serengeti calving grounds. Resident lion prides lie in wait, which can result in dramatic hunting scenes. Continue exploring…

Central Kalahari safari in December

The normally arid Central Kalahari flushes green as summer rains prompt the growth of new shoots. This attracts large herds of springbok and oryx, which in turn provide an annual bonanza for resident cheetah (this is one of the best destinations in Southern Africa to see these speedy cats), while the valleys and pans echo to the roar of black-maned Kalahari lion. Continue exploring…

Quirimbas Archipelago to end your safari in December

A hop, skip and a jump into the ocean from East and Southern Africa, including the Quirimbas in your safari-and-beach holiday is blissfully easy. December sees the warm, clear, sea conditions continue – visibility when diving or snorkelling is excellent. Untouched marine ecosystems make each ocean excursion the equal of any game drive. Continue exploring…

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