Luxury safaris in Kenya allow you to see lion, and the rest of the Big Five.

Best Kenya Safaris

As Kenya is one of the best African safari destinations, it can be hard to choose from its many options. The best Kenya safaris are all about connecting the best lodges, experiences and safari areas in the best itineraries, and matching them with your desired travel period to create the safari experience that suits you best. 

Kenya has deep safari roots. Accommodation options in Kenya’s best safari lodges abound, from mobile camps to private villas in locations varying from out on the savannah to within earshot of Indian Ocean waves. 

The best Kenya safari experiences include the spectacular Great Wildebeest Migration – but that’s not all. From our curated selection of lodges, you can enjoy encounters and excursions that reflect the diversity of its landscapes, cultures and wildlife. From hot-air balloon rides over the Mara plains to watching elephant beneath Kilimanjaro or camel trekking in Samburu, we can make it all happen. 

Kenya is a land of contrasts, and we can combine them to maximum effect in the best Kenya safari itineraries. Think an exciting adventure in the remote Northern Kenya juxtaposed with a relaxing adjourn in the lush Masai Mara, or an escape to the coast. You could even combine Kenya with another safari destination altogether, such as Uganda or Tanzania.

Naturally, you’ll want your trip to include the best Kenya safari parks and reserves; the best Kenya safaris don’t just include the hot favourites, but stay a step ahead of the herds and include adjacent conservancies, such as Mara North, and the more exclusive private reserves, such as those found in the wild north.

When to go is as important a question as where, and in Kenya this can be influenced by the climate as well as by seasonal events such as the appearance of the migrating herds. Like much of East Africa, Kenya experiences two rainy and two dry seasons annually. Click on the links below to learn more, and to discover the best of Kenya.

When to Go

This is the best time for luxury Kenya safaris. Firstly, the weather is dry and cool, perfect for game drives – especially in arid northern Kenya. Secondly, it’s just after the long rains, so while the bush is initially lush it gets progressively sparser, making wildlife easier to spot. And most importantly, the Great Wildebeest Migration returns to Kenya from July to September, so visitors to the Masai Mara get to see this natural wonder. Note, some of the more popular parks will get relatively crowded at times.

In this period, following the short rains, the dry season takes hold. The vegetation thins out completely and the animals congregate near rivers and waterholes, making for excellent game viewing. While you won’t see the Great Wildebeest Migration in Kenya during this time, you’ll also miss the crowds … and anyway Kenya’s ample resident game ensures a superlative safari experience year round, rivaling anywhere else in Africa. For the best of both, visit Tanzania now too, and catch the herds’ southern Serengeti leg, which coincides with the wildebeest’s dramatic birthing season.

Kenya’s long rains, which fall steadily throughout April and May, are followed by short rains in November – generally short afternoon bursts. While muddy roads can make getting around a bit tricky, as it’s a quiet time for tourism wildlife experiences are exclusive … plus the vegetation is in a growth period, so game sightings are plentiful. All in all visitors get good-value holidays during this time, provided they pack their sense of humour (and their gum boots!).

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