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Luxury Namibia Safari Lodges A curated selection of Namibia's best safari lodges

From rugged Damaraland to sandy Sossusvlei, Namibia’s subtly varied desert terrain can be enjoyed from several fine luxury safari lodges. Browse through our curated selection of desert havens, and see which one entices you to visit this unique wilderness.

The immense scale of Namibia’s desert vistas conceals some delightfully intimate lodges, camps and sanctuaries. It’s no exaggeration to describe luxury Namibia safari lodges as oases; after all, they provide havens of comfort and indulgence amid some truly dramatic landscapes.

Much like the diamonds reputed to be buried beneath the shifting sands, many of the best accommodation options in Namibia might be classed as hidden gems. But look no further, because our team of safari experts has done the digging for you and uncovered some real treasures.

The style of most luxury Namibia safari lodges blends the best elements of beach villa and Bedouin encampment. In arid regions where life seems to barely cling on, you can enjoy channelling your inner nomad without the least discomfort.

Clever design features capture elusive desert zephyrs, while the almost modest colour schemes seem to be at pains not to detract from their surroundings.

Not that that would be an easy task: Namibia’s skyscraper dunes and jagged peaks could dwarf any human structure. That, of course, is one of the main reasons to come here: to get a sense of the magnificence of Nature, and of our own insignificance.

Whether you come to Namibia in search of hardy desert-adapted wildlife or your true self, you may well find more than you bargained for in luxury Namibia safari lodges.

Hoanib Skeleton Coast is in Namibia’s rocky Kunene region.

Hoanib Skeleton Coast | Skeleton Coast National Park

Hoanib Skeleton Coast is set in the remote Kunene region of Namibia, with access to the Palmwag area and semi-mythical Skeleton Coast. The surrounding landscape seems harsh and inhospitable, butContinue Exploring…...

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Private Camp has a central guest area.

Wolwedans Private Camp | Family Safari | NamibRand Nature Reserve

Wolwedans Private Camp is the distilled essence of solitude, and a supreme spot in which to get away from it all. The vast desert landscapes surrounding the private Namibia safariContinue Exploring…...

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Sit on Little Kulala’s guest-area deck and watch as night falls.

Little Kulala | Sossusvlei

Set in the private Kulala Wilderness Reserve, Little Kulala gives you exclusive access to Sossusvlei and the remote landscapes of Deadvlei and Sesriem. Explore this dramatic and Martian-like world byContinue Exploring…...

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Boating excursions are available from Chobe Savanna Lodge. © Desert & Delta Safaris

Chobe Savanna Lodge | Eastern Caprivi

Chobe Savanna Lodge offers a different perspective to properties on the opposing Botswana bank, yet the focus is still on the water activities that bring the Chobe to life. HereContinue Exploring…...

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Shipwreck Lodge is comprised of ten en-suite rooms. © Natural Selection

Shipwreck Lodge | Skeleton Coast National Park

If seclusion is the new luxury, then Shipwreck Lodge could just be the perfect place to lose and find yourself, somewhere between the desert and the deep blue sea. ThisContinue Exploring…...

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Desert-adapted black rhino can be found near Desert Rhino Camp.

Desert Rhino Camp | Damaraland

At first glance, the flat-topped mountains and rolling, rocky plains of Damaraland seem almost devoid of life, but hidden springs and sea mists provide the moisture required by all mannerContinue Exploring…...

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Sossusvlei Desert Lodge | Namibia

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge | NamibRand Nature Reserve

The private NamibRand Nature Reserve is a place of serene sand dunes and rugged mountains – a complete escape into a timeless and tranquil world. Whether stargazing from the comfortContinue Exploring…...

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In the evenings, guests gather in the boma at Nambwa Tented Lodge. © African Monarch Lodges

Nambwa Tented Lodge | Eastern Caprivi

The Caprivi Strip is closer in every sense to Botswana’s Okavango Delta than much of the rest of Namibia. Near to the borders of three other nations, it’s no surpriseContinue Exploring…...

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Ongava Game Reserve is a sanctuary for rhino.

Little Ongava | Etosha National Park

Little Ongava is a luxury Namibian safari lodge in the private Ongava Game Reserve, which adjoins the iconic Etosha National Park. Ongava is a conservation success story – the spectacularContinue Exploring…...

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The suites at Onguma The Fort have expansive views over the pans.

Onguma The Fort | Etosha National Park

Onguma The Fort is a luxury Namibian safari lodge like no other. Stone walls protect against the heat, while the tower offers unbeatable views of the pans. Etosha has longContinue Exploring…...

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Boulders Safari Camp gets its name from the surrounding boulders.

Boulders Safari Camp | NamibRand Nature Reserve

Enjoy a pure wilderness experience at Boulders Safari camp, just four tented suites in the vast NamibRand Nature Reserve. At this luxury safari lodge, you'll discover unique desert landscapes andContinue Exploring…...

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