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Trevor Fernandes | Safari Guru & Co-Founder

I was born into a modest family in Nairobi, Kenya, but was fortunate to obtain a great education. After gaining some valuable international experience, I joined my family’s safari company and expanded it into the USA, UK and Australia. After decades immersed in tourism, contributing to various ventures, I’m excited to now be part of Art of Safari – taking the African travel experience online while still offering a very hands-on service, offline.

Africa is like no other continent on the planet, and it’s the only place I know that really gets under your skin. It’s not just the wildlife, or the people, or the sights, sounds and smells, it’s the synergy of all of these – the magic formula from its combined parts. If you’re open to it, your senses will take on a whole new appreciation of this magnificent African tapestry.

Africa is the world’s greatest natural theatre that needs very little added to it. In my many years of working in the African tourism industry I’ve learnt a few things, one of which is how to create the very best guest-experience, while letting Africa herself take centre stage. I see my role at Art of Safari as one of guiding the team on the ground to create these outside-the-box experiences.

Come with an open mind; Africa is an amazing continent but it also has its challenges, from time to time. Be prepared to expect the unexpected, and let your guide be your guide – you’ll be in great hands. Don’t be afraid to stop and connect with anyone you encounter and be prepared to disconnect from the digital world.

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