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Picking Your Trunk

Before you start packing, bear in mind that most African safaris involve flights in small aircraft or overland journeys in specially adapted safari vehicles.

Both of these modes of transport have space limitations for luggage; in addition, small aircraft will have strict weight limitations too. As such, it’s crucial that you only use completely soft duffel bags for your safari. Even soft bags with hard bases and wheels can sometimes be problematic as they don’t collapse sufficiently to fit into aircraft luggage-storage compartments.

Please ensure your luggage is within (or very close to) the following specifications:

  • Maximum luggage weight of 15kg
  • Maximum luggage size
 of 25x65x30cm or 10x26x12in
, similar to the bag pictured below
luggage for your African safari
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Tip: Soft bags weigh significantly less than hard-shell or framed luggage, which will allow you to pack more than you think.

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Packing for your safari

Need help deciding what to pack for your safari? Click here to see our general checklist. For more in-depth views, read our first-hand accounts from seasoned safari goers on what to pack for women and what to pack for men.

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