Luxury safaris in Murchison Falls National Park will let you see the impressive Murchison Falls.

Best Murchison Falls National Park Safaris

Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park – one of Uganda’s best safari areas – takes its name from Murchison Falls. Here, the Nile River squeezes through a 8m-wide gap and tumbles 40m into Fajao Gorge before gradually returning to being a calmer, unhurried swathe of water.

In complete contrast to the impressive violence of the falls, a trip to the nearby Victoria Nile Delta during your Uganda safari invites you to cut the boat engine. This papyrus wetland is formed as the river slows upon entering Lake Albert.

A cruise on the Nile River can encompass both of these experiences, giving you the chance to feel the power of the falls from the water – and if you like, hike up the side of the falls to view them from land – or to look for shoebill among the reeds as you gently float along the delta.

The Nile River is rich in history, and richer still in wildlife. Crocodile bask on sand bars and place names like Paraa – the place of hippo – allude to the profusion of aquatic and amphibious life.

A hydropower plant at Karuma Falls harnesses the energy of the river, while boats provide the ideal platforms from which to fish for Nile perch, keep a look out for waterbirds or enjoy cocktails as the equatorial sun slips beneath the water.

Back on dry land, the Buligi area offers excellent savannah game-drive experiences and views towards the Great Rift Valley, while a walk among the mahogany trees of the Rabongo and Kaniyo Pabidi forests can yield sightings of elephant, as well as chimpanzee and other primates. Tracking our closest relatives through the forest provides a noisy and sometimes frenetic counterpoint to the slowly sliding Nile.

When to Go

The Murchison Falls area follows Uganda’s general climate patterns, with two drier seasons each year. As memories of rain fade, and the water itself dries up, it becomes easier to find game with the vegetation beginning to thin out, and animals tending to congregate at water sources. Temperatures are high year-round thanks to the tropical rainforest climate and you’ll likely experience some rain, but also plenty of sunshine. The driest time of all is from December to February and coincides with the best birding season, which is from January onwards.

The counterpoint to the drier times of year are the two wetter seasons, which are characterised by more frequent heavy downpours, although these tend not to last too long. The vegetation responds and the landscape is lush and green, with a wonderful freshness in the air. April and May tend to be the low season, when Murchison Falls sees far fewer visitors (and consequently, rates may be lower). Closeness to the equator is reflected in very little temperature variation throughout the year, and game viewing is consistently good.

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