Seeing western lowland gorilla is a highlight of a luxury Congo safari.

Republic Of Congo’s Best Safari Experiences A curated selection of the finest safari experiences in the Republic of Congo

When you think Republic of Congo, you think gorilla trekking. While this is certainly an unmissable highlight, there are many other exciting things to see and do, particularly in Odzala-Kokoua National Park. Here are Congo’s best safari experiences.

The best Congo safari experiences are the ones you must work that little bit harder for, but trust us, the rewards are more than worth it. Making your way along trails cut through rainforest undergrowth can lead to incredible encounters with some of our closest – and most endangered – relatives.

Gorilla trekking gives you the opportunity to see master forest craftsmen at work. You’ll learn how these guides interpret subtle tracks, signs and sounds to locate groups of habituated western lowland gorilla.

At the same time, the forest gradually gives up its secrets as you penetrate deeper into it: flowers, butterflies and seeds add pops of colour and intrigue. Spending time watching gorilla feeding, playing and socialising is a privilege that relatively few people get to experience, and almost everyone ranks their excursions in search of gorilla as Congo’s best safari moments.

The focal point of ecotourism in Congo is Odzala-Kokoua National Park, an interwoven mosaic of forest, savannah and marshy clearings known as bais. With ample water and mineral salts, the bais attract an incredible variety of birds and animals, from forest elephant to shy bongo antelope.

Exploring the bais on foot allows you to enter a world of gallery forest, clear streams and islands covered in tracks, just waiting to be deciphered. It’s time to channel your inner explorer.

An experienced guide will lead your adventure walk through Odzala's bais. © Odzala Discovery Camps

Walking & Wading Through Congo Rainforest & Bais

Odzala-Kokoua National Park, in the Republic of Congo, is a remarkable mosaic of rainforest and savannah, where swampy clearings known as bais are the most productive places to find wildlife.Continue Exploring…...

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The gorilla you'll see when Congo gorilla trekking are habituated, but still wild. © Odzala Discovery Camps

Tracking Gorilla In The Congo

Encountering western lowland gorilla while Congo gorilla trekking can feel more like a reunion than a sighting – it’s definitely one of the most empathetic wildlife experiences you can have.Continue Exploring…...

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