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Africa’s Best Virtual Safaris The Best Live-Streaming African Safaris

For a profoundly immersive experience such as an African safari, a virtual safari really is no substitute. Still, when planning an African safari holiday, hopping onto a virtual safari is an excellent way to get inspired!

During the worst of the Covid19 epidemic, a few of our intrepid travel partners decided to send their guides out on safari with cameras and to keep us ‘in-on-the-safari-thrill’. 

As we emerge from the covid19 shroud, the safari operators that were offering virtual safaris are back into taking ‘real’ guests on safari, and their live feeds are transitioning back to general social media updates.

There is however one organisation that continues to specialise in live virtual safaris and during covid19, have managed to extend their offering significantly, with guides and camera vehicles operating in several locations across Africa — WildEarth

WildEarth provides front-row seats to twice-daily game drives featuring all of their locations in a captivating and expertly managed performance that keeps you ‘in-on-the action’ from start to finish. The safaris last ±3 hours and are broadcast live and saved to their YouTube channel for later viewing (in case you miss the live show). The sunrise safari starts at 06:00 Central African Time (CAT), and the sunset safari starts at 15:00 CAT. 

Click here to access their YouTube channel.

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