There's plenty to see and do on safari in Uganda, including going gorilla trekking.

Uganda’s Best Safari Experiences A curated selection of the finest safari experiences in Uganda

When it comes to safari activities, Uganda is not short of things to see and do. From gorilla and chimp trekking in the forest to cruising along the Nile, you’ll love going on safari here. Here are Uganda’s best safari experiences.

While trekking – for both gorilla and chimps – is undeniably among Uganda’s best safari experiences, it’s by no means the only one worth writing home about. It’s the primates that get the most attention, but that also leaves other areas of this beautiful country relatively unvisited.

This means that some of the best Uganda safari experiences are ones that few other people will be familiar with. Temporarily disappearing into the alluringly remote Kidepo Valley is one such option.

In our travels throughout ‘the pearl of Africa’, we’ve experienced a great many breathtaking moments. The Nile features in many of them – here, close to its source, it’s something of a teenage watercourse: moody and uncertain, yet full of promise.

Whether you encounter the Nile under pressure at Murchison Falls as one of Uganda’s best safari experiences or in more a more sedate state on a river cruise, it’s sure to make an impression.

So too are the towering mountains, clad in cloud and forest, that provide a refuge for one of the last surviving populations of mountain gorilla. Hiking up to their high-altitude redoubts can sometimes be a strenuous exercise, but any tiredness in the legs will be instantly forgotten the moment you first spot a silverback or watch delightedly as juveniles rough and tumble down the slopes.

Perhaps more than any other species, there’s something compelling about gorilla – and about Uganda, too.

Cruising back in time along the Victoria Nile River

Finding the source of the Nile obsessed Victorian explorers, and on your Uganda safari in Murchison Falls National Park you’ll notice their names still litter the maps. Throughout all thisContinue Exploring…...

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Gorilla trekking in Bwindi

For the safari of a lifetime, go Uganda gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, a national park in the southwest of the country. It’s home to more than half ofContinue Exploring…...

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Getting remote in the Kidepo Valley

Lying in the rugged, semi-arid valleys of the Karamoja region in the country’s far northeast – in Uganda’s wildest and most isolated national park – is the Kidepo Valley. HalfContinue Exploring…...

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