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Africa is a fantastically diverse destination, offering a myriad of exciting things to see and do during a luxury safari. From hot-air ballooning over the Masai Mara to swimming with dolphin in Zanzibar or sipping your way across the Cape winelands, Art of Safari has curated the finest luxury African safari experiences that this beautiful continent offers.

Making friends with Makgadikgadi meerkats

Years of scientific study have resulted in several meerkat colonies in Botswana being semi-habituated. Some luxury Botswana safari lodges offer a great meerkat experience, taking guests out to meet theseContinue Exploring…...

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Tracking desert black rhino in Namibia

Fly into Desert Rhino Camp in Damaraland, a remote corner of northwest Namibia, for the safari of a lifetime. Wake up early and set off to track the highly endangeredContinue Exploring…...

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Getting starstruck in a Kenyan star bed

There’s no better way to experience the African night sky than sleeping in a star bed. A luxury Kenyan safari offers this unique engagement with the wilderness. Crawl under yourContinue Exploring…...

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Hopping between Etosha’s waterholes

The ‘immense hollow’ of Etosha Pan is dry for much of the year, but a series of waterholes around its fringes provide a vital lifeline for its many mammal species.Continue Exploring…...

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Playing castaway on an idyllic sandbar

The climax of your Mozambique holiday might well be spending time on a sandbar, far from shore. These sandy slivers only reveal themselves at low tide: peaceful, picturesque and altogetherContinue Exploring…...

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Finding South Africa’s Marine Big Five

Top off your luxury South African safari with a once-in-a-lifetime viewing of the Marine Big Five: whale, shark, dolphin, seal and penguin. Near the southern tip of Africa, spend aContinue Exploring…...

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Taking a safari into the Ngorongoro Crater

An essential, bucket-list experience on any visit to Tanzania is a Ngorongoro Crater safari. Descend into this 20km-wide and 600m-deep volcanic caldera for a safari experience like no other, packed withContinue Exploring…...

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Taking your safari underwater in Maputaland

Why not add an aquatic dimension to your luxury safari in South Africa or Mozambique? The scuba diving off the coast of Maputaland offers some of the world’s best underwaterContinue Exploring…...

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Slowing down between Tarangire and Manyara

This area of northern Tanzania is the birthplace of the slow safari – when you take a breather from frantically trying to spot game and simply be present in Africa.Continue Exploring…...

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Being dazzled by the Makgadikgadi Zebra Migration

The Makgadikgadi Zebra Migration is one of Southern Africa's most surprising phenomena. Each year, Botswana zebras trek between the Okavango Delta and Makgadikgadi Pans in search of fresh grazing. WhyContinue Exploring…...

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Dancing with flamingos in Tanzania

Tanzania’s Rift Valley Lakes provide the incredible spectacle of immense flocks of flamingos gathering to feed and breed on these otherwise inhospitable stretches of sodic water. The juxtaposition of theirContinue Exploring…...

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Shipwreck and seal spotting on a Skeleton Coast safari

A day-long, 4x4 adventure from Hoanib Skeleton Coast takes you on a safari to the Skeleton Coast, Namibia, through a wildly beautiful landscape. With the chance of seeing desert elephantContinue Exploring…...

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Seeing black-maned lion in the Central Kalahari

The Central Kalahari is one of the most remote wilderness areas in Botswana. Going on a luxury safari in this region is all about big skies and arid beauty. InsteadContinue Exploring…...

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Meeting chimpanzees at Greystoke Mahale

During your visit to the beautiful Greystoke Mahale camp, on the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika, you’ll have the chance to meet Tanzania’s chimpanzees in the wild. To spend aContinue Exploring…...

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Cruising the Rufiji River Delta

Instead of a traditional game drive, how about an unforgettable aquatic safari on a Rufiji River boat? The Selous Game Reserve is a prime wildlife destination and the water dimensionContinue Exploring…...

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Beholding the Kasanka bat migration

There are more than enough flying mammals involved in the annual bat migration to literally darken the dawn and dusk skies over Kasanka, a remote swamp in Zambia. The KasankaContinue Exploring…...

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Discovering the ‘other’ wildebeest migration at Liuwa Plains

The Liuwa Plains wildebeest migration in Zambia is one of Africa’s great natural phenomena. It’s second in enormity only to the Masai Mara–Serengeti trek, and yet it’s hardly known. EachContinue Exploring…...

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Catching tigers in Zambia

During your Zambia safari, set off in a boat from your camp in Lower Zambezi National Park for an afternoon of catch-and-release fishing. Tiger fishing in Zambia offers a thrillingContinue Exploring…...

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Lagoon hopping in Linyanti

A Linyanti safari explores the legendary swamplands of northern Botswana. Vast herds of elephant and buffalo gather here, especially in the dry winter months. The Linyanti Wildlife Reserve throngs withContinue Exploring…...

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Paddling the Zambezi on a canoe safari

Follow Livingstone's epic journey on a canoe safari along the Zambezi in a tranquil bird- and game-watching opportunity like no other. Skirting half-submerged hippo and lurking crocodile, majestic elephant andContinue Exploring…...

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Sleeping under the stars at Tswalu The Malori

Spend a night away from your lodge on a sleeping deck in the heart of the Kalahari Desert. Tswalu The Malori lies within Tswalu Kalahari Private Game Reserve and offersContinue Exploring…...

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Turtle tracking in Maputaland

For a magical encounter with turtles, visit the Maputaland coast during your luxury South African or Mozambican safari. It’s here, when turtle tracking along the beach at night, that you’ll beContinue Exploring…...

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Witnessing wildebeest calving in the Serengeti

The awe of witnessing the Great Wildebeest Migration can be topped by only one thing: seeing the migrating wildebeest calving. If you visit the Serengeti during February and March, you’llContinue Exploring…...

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Getting to know the majestic Maasai

A highlight of any East African safari is a Maasai cultural experience, when you interact with these proud pastoralists in their own environment. They’ve made the Masai Mara their homeContinue Exploring…...

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