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As a complimentary service to our clients, we offer a travel app that contains all their travel information in digital form. It’s slick, easy-to-use, offers instant global updates and notifications and avoids wasteful (and cumbersome) paper – a perfect fit for the seamless safari we’ll put together for you.

So how does it work? Well, the app is available for iOS and Android; once downloaded to your device, a personalised sign-in gives you direct access to all your travel information – whether you’re online or offline. You don’t have to load a thing, we’ll do it all for you; it’s a service from the Art of Safari team, all part of making your dream safari a breeze. 

The app kicks off with a countdown function that ticks down to departure. While this helps grown-ups stay on track, it’s also a favourite with kids, building huge excitement for the trip. Then you can take a look at an overview of your trip, which you can print out, or share with friends and family electronically. There’s also a comprehensive stay-by-stay itinerary outlining flights, transfers, accommodation and safari experiences for every day.

The app will automatically send you alerts and updates about departure times for your international flights, and keep you from missing a beat.

It also has built-in maps, which we’ll load with pins showing all your lodges – including accompanying informational links. The maps are both available live and downloadable to your device, for use offline in case of no connectivity (as can happen in the wilderness!).

If you’re wondering about the weather, we’ll include general seasonal information as well as live, five-day forecasts. The seasonal information – along with our handy what-to-pack lists and details on luggage restrictions – will aid you when packing, while the forecasts will help you decide what to wear each day.

While travelling, you can save photos and notes as daily memories in the app, making it easy to remember what each pic entails when sharing them with friends back home.

This clever app, using the tried-and-trusted Vamoos platform, is yet another reason to travel with us.

Sound good? Let’s start planning your safari, and get you set up.

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