You can go on walking safaris from The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille.

Our Best Kenya Safari Ideas

What are the best safaris in Kenya? The answer is, undoubtedly, any safari that’s been uniquely tailored to your specific desires and requirements! To guide you, however, our team has curated an assortment of Kenyan safari ideas that combine the best locations, experiences and safari lodges into exceptional itineraries. Below we’ve narrowed our selection even further, into what we believe to be three of the best Kenya safari ideas around.

10 Nights Laikipia, Masai Mara & Kenya Beach

‘This luxury Kenya safari really stood out for us for two main reasons: the sense of freedom we experienced, and the way in which each safari lodge was run with a view to ensuring that guests, local communities and wildlife all benefitted. We experienced the upliftment that we’ve always felt in pristine untrammelled wilderness; and also liberty from schedules and timetables. Each of the lodges we stayed at had their own distinct take on what true freedom meant, and each was equally wonderful.

At The Sanctuary at Ol Lentille, we were delighted to find that we could wake up, eat, and go on safari (or not) at whatever time best suited us. We could also have as many massage treatments as we wished. The fact that our villa was attended to by a butler, valet, askari and private guide freed us from having to lift a finger.

Elephant Pepper Camp’s definition of freedom was to take us back in time to a less hurried safari era, and to experience the incredible wildlife of the Masai Mara in much the same way that the first safari-goers did. This peaked with our magnificent walking safari.

Lastly, The Ocean Spa Lodge has somehow managed to bottle the scent of freedom – or perhaps it was borne into our villa by a fresh ocean breeze. Here concern for our wellbeing had been elevated into an art form, with a purpose-built wellness space and an entire philosophy based on drawing calming energy from the waves.’

What you can see & do on this safari

Go on safari in lovely Laikipia ♦ Whiz across northern Kenya in a helicopter ♦ Go on safari in the magical Masai Mara ♦ Ride horses in the Kenyan wilderness ♦ Drift over the Masai Mara in a balloon ♦ Camel trek in striking Samburu ♦ Get to know the majestic Maasai ♦ Watch the Great Wildebeest Migration cross the Mara River ♦ Go on a private walking safari in the Masai Mara ♦ Destress on a Kenyan beach

Where you’ll stay

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8 Nights Chyulu Hills & Masai Mara

‘This eight-night itinerary gave us ample scope to explore Kenya. We had incredible flexibility at each of the three luxury safari camps we’d chosen, and we could enjoy our safari holiday at our own pace, doing as much (or as little) as we wished. I loved having so many activities to choose from, and I found that the views from each camp – and the chance to spot wildlife without going anywhere – meant that it was really possible to relax.

We came to Kenya for the animals, of course, but despite all the planning and research I still wasn’t fully prepared for the breathtaking excitement of watching a hunt, or of seeing elephant up close. I really enjoyed the contrast between these fast-paced moments of adrenaline, and the pauses we inserted into our itinerary: the candlelit dinners, the massage, and the chance to simply be together in stunning settings.’

What you can see & do on this safari

Ride horses in the Kenyan wilderness ♦ Get starstruck in a Kenyan star bed ♦ Go on safari in the magical Masai Mara ♦ Watch wildlife while hiding out in secret ♦ Drift over the Masai Mara in a balloon ♦ Go on a private walking safari in the Masai Mara ♦ Watch the Great Wildebeest Migration cross the Mara River ♦ Explore the enchanting Chyulu Hills on safari ♦ Get to know the majestic Maasai

Where you’ll stay

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7 Nights Amboseli, Meru & Masai Mara

‘On our luxury Kenyan safari, we were able to experience so much of this country, and take in some of its biggest sights – from giant elephant bulls to big cats, and towering snow-capped peaks. We learnt more about conservation, from the early days of Elsa the lioness to today’s high-tech satellite tracking of migrating elephant. We shared some wonderful views – from hilltops, outdoor showers and our hot-air balloon – and enjoyed laughing with our new Kenyan friends.

Looking back, we’re both amazed at how much we saw in just seven nights, and yet we still had lots of time to relax with coffee and cocktails. Plus, I managed to lose three games of billiards on the bounce. We had front-row seats to the Great Wildebeest Migration, and while we didn’t see a kill, I’m not too sorry about that – there was still plenty of drama. And we had the iconic experience of watching elephant in the shadow of Kilimanjaro.Starting and ending our itinerary in Nairobi meant that we weren’t rushed before or after international flights, plus we experienced some of the buzz of this happening city. And our favourite moment? It’s impossible to choose, but one thing’s for sure: we’ll be back. It’s easy to see how people fall in love with Kenya – we’re a great example!’

What you can see & do on this safari

Going on a private walking safari in the Masai Mara ♦ Watch the Great Wildebeest Migration cross the Mara River ♦ Get to know the majestic Maasai ♦ Drift over the Masai Mara in a balloon ♦ Watch elephant in the shadow of Kilimanjaro ♦ Go on safari in the amazing Amboseli ♦ Go on safari in the magical Masai Mara ♦ Explore marvellous Meru on safari ♦ Whizz across northern Kenya in a helicopter

Where you’ll stay

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