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Art of Safari Magazine | The Great Wildebeest Migration

From the editor —  Going on safari allows for many iconic wildlife encounters: spotting a lone oryx cresting a red, Namibian sand dune at sunrise, watching elephant steadily filing past snow-tipped Kilimanjaro on a sunny day, or witnessing a pack of lion working together to bring down a kill as stars start twinkling overhead in South Africa. These experiences, and many like them, are what keep safari lovers coming back for more.

I’d venture to say, though, that the Great Wildebeest Migration is perhaps the most quintessential of them all. Perhaps because – as a true microcosm of life in the African wilds – it offers all the emotion of the others in a concentrated form, and so much more.

Here, we have life-and-death moments in technicolour, from the synchronised calving in the Serengeti to the deathly crossings of the Mara, Grumeti and Sand rivers. Then, too, it has the daily quest for survival, which motivates these unwavering animals to walk in a continual loop in search of fresh grazing and water.

With its ongoing obstacles, and its peaks and pitfalls, the sheer resilience of the Great Wildebeest Migration will leave you as dazzled as a newborn wildebeest.

In this issue, we’ve curated exciting migration experiences, accommodation and safaris for you. There’s also a clever migration map, which will help you plan your next safari adventure.

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