African Safari Holiday Types

African Safari Holiday Types What Type Of Safari Holiday Are You Dreaming About?

Whether you’re travelling with the family or are on honeymoon, or want to mix bush and beach, stay in private safari houses or ensure you avoid malaria areas, these Art of Safari types of African safari holidays will ensure you get the luxury African safari of your dreams.

It’s as true today as ever: ‘there is always something new out of Africa’. In this case, we’re talking about the wonderful types of African safari holidays on offer. I’ve been fortunate enough to have enjoyed many of them over the years, so I’ll break them down for you below – just don’t ask me to pick a favourite!

Luxury African safaris have come a long way since the Victorian era; nowadays, with most of Africa’s hidden jewels unearthed, it’s transcendent moments of beauty and realisation we seek. The Dark Continent retains an authentic sense of adventure and exploration though, and with the various African safari holiday types to choose from, there’s no danger of following a beaten path.

Encountering wildlife in pristine habitats remains a key component of most African safari holiday types, but this needn’t only mean game drives. African beach holidays offer equal parts relaxation and exhilarating marine wildlife experiences, with some of the world’s best diving – or maritime and safari elements can easily be combined on safari and beach holidays.

Depending on who you invite along, you can opt for the undeniable romance of African honeymoon safaris, spending time alone with your partner in beautiful, remote places, or choose family safari holidays with special kids’ activity programmes (including fascinating cultural interactions).

Multi-generational holidays are increasingly popular; here we suggest you choose from our range of delightful private safari houses and villas for maximum flexibility and service. If your travelling companions are very young, then malaria-free safaris are a safer way to introduce them to a continent they’ll be desperate to return to.

Safari & Beach Holidays

Safari and beach holidays in Africa strike the perfect balance between the excitement of searching for – and watching – wildlife and the gentler pleasures of unwinding on the coast.Continue Reading…...

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African Safari Honeymoons

Getting married means setting off a wonderful and thrilling journey into the unknown, and looking forward to incredible shared experiences and moments of beauty and excitement you’ll cherish forever. AsContinue Reading…...

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Luxury Tanzania Safari Trips

The anticipation before a luxury Tanzania safari trip is almost as enjoyable as being there. Whether you want to experience a sea of wildebeest, the Indian Ocean, or both, checkContinue Exploring…...

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Luxury Tented Safaris

Safari tent glamping gets you closer to the African bush, without ever leaving your comfort zone. Orange nylon is out, replaced by impeccable service, first-class amenities and the ultimate luxuryContinue Reading…...

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Luxury African Safaris

A luxury safari is a spectacular way to experience Africa’s best-kept wilderness secrets. Flying in to luxurious, intimate camps maximises time spent in the best locations and makes for aContinue Reading…...

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Family Safari Holidays

African safaris with kids are perfect for busy families – you can reconnect without modern distractions, and the kids will have a ball (and learn loads) with the many activities.Continue Reading…...

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Luxury Botswana Safari Trips

Luxury Botswana safari trips afford a study in contrasts, from salt pans to the delta in the desert. This vast sea of land holds some of Southern Africa’s best safariContinue Exploring…...

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African Beach Holidays

Africa may be best-known for safari holidays, but African beach holidays are just as exceptional. Here, warm, clear waters with abundant marine life lap against pristine, palm-fringed sweeps of sand.Continue Reading…...

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Classic Affordable Safaris

Safaris are often perceived to be pricey, but we’re delighted to tell you that affordable African safaris do exist. These classic trips allow you to get to the heart ofContinue Reading…...

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Luxury Zambia Safari Trips

If you prefer avoiding beaten paths, luxury Zambia safari trips are the way to go, as Zambia is the secret garden of Southern African safaris, with much that is unexpectedContinue Exploring…...

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Malaria-Free Safaris

So you’ve been thinking about a safari and want to know all about malaria in Africa. Malaria is easily preventable through medication, and there are ways to avoid getting bittenContinue Reading…...

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Luxury Kenya Safari Trips

Make like a giraffe and browse our thoughtfully curated collection of Kenya’s best, all-inclusive luxury Kenya safari trips. The Art of Safari team will be delighted to help you chooseContinue Exploring…...

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African Short Safaris

A safari can always be extended to match the time and budget available, but that said, short African safaris are a great way to get maximum buck for your bucks.Continue Exploring…...

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Luxury Zimbabwe Safari Trips

When it comes to the best safaris, Zimbabwe really delivers. Look beyond the headlines and discover some of the finest wildlife destinations and most proficient guides on the continent asContinue Exploring…...

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Really High-End Safaris

Really high-end safaris are based on the recognition that, today, ultra luxury is about privacy and exclusive experiences. Everything is taken to the next level, with air transfers and expertContinue Reading…...

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Luxury Train Safaris

Travelling through Africa by rail on a luxury train safari harks back to the glamour of a bygone age, when each journey was a destination in itself. Train whistles haveContinue Reading…...

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Private Safari Houses & Villas

Private safari houses and villas give you the luxury of your own secluded, exclusive space. Dedicated guides and staff pander to your every whim, so you can tear up theContinue Reading…...

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Luxury South Africa Safari Trips

The Rainbow Nation of South Africa offers the full spectrum of luxury safari and travel experiences. This diverse and dynamic country has inspired your safari experts at Art of SafariContinue Exploring…...

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