We're luxury African safari specialists at Art of Safari – just one of the reasons you should travel with us.

Why Travel With Us?

We do it all

From our first conversation to your safe return, we take ownership for your entire experience. Travelling with us is as uncomplicated as it is pleasurable.

We’re accredited

We’re members of Africa’s most credible tourism organisations, the South African Tourism Services Association (SATSA) and the African Travel & Tourism Association (ATTA), and through the bonding scheme provided by SATSA we guarantee your financial protection. To view our certification, please click in the links below:

We include everything

When on holiday, you don’t want to reach for your wallet at every turn – or have nasty surprises. We try ensure your entire experience is included in one payment, and if there’s anything you have to pay separately we’ll point it out in advance.

We’re objective

As we’re fully independent, we have the flexibility to partner with whoever is best for you. The advice we offer will always be unbiased, and firmly centred around crafting your perfect African safari.

We prioritise your safety

Sometimes we’re asked: ‘Is Africa safe?’ The answer is yes! Africa is an exciting, vibrant destination with remote wilderness areas and a huge diversity of fascinating, hospitable people. As a developing continent it comes with challenges and opportunities, which at times can lead to uncertainty about travel. Rest assured your safety is our first priority. We keep tabs on local current affairs, and we’ll never send you anywhere where trouble is brewing. And once you arrive in Africa, you’ll be in the hands of experienced, English speaking staff whose dedication to a positive guest experience is surpassed only by their commitment to your safety.

We’re Africans in Africa

We live for safari and we live in Africa, so who better to book your luxury African safari with? Our years of experience and local insight allows us to provide you with current, informed advice about travelling to Africa and our round-the clock service in the areas we operate ensures we’ll provide the best support while you’re travelling in Africa.

We’re specialists

Unlike many travel companies who will sell anything from skiing in the Alps to hiking in the Andes, we don’t try to cover it all, but instead focus our energy on one type of holiday: luxury African safaris. With our intimate knowledge, we believe that no one will craft your African safari experience better than us.

We offer personal service

We believe there’s no substitute for human-to-human connection in creating a bespoke luxury holiday. Whenever you’re ready, there will always be real person here to chat to.

We value direct communication

We favour a hands-on approach when curating your dream holiday. To ensure nothing is lost in translation, we avoid middlemen, and make – and monitor – all bookings ourselves.

We curate everything, every time

We understand that dream holidays don’t come off the shelf, so we don’t sell packages. Rather, we work with you to tailor-make a private travel experience that is uniquely suited to your specific African safari dream.

We help you make a difference

We love Africa, and we’re committed to protecting her wildlife and people. When choosing our partners, we always consider what they do to make a positive change to their surroundings; when you travel with us, you’ll be making a positive impact too. Find out more about how safari travel makes a difference.

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