We're luxury African safari specialists at Art of Safari – just one of the reasons you should travel with us.

Why Travel With Us?

We’re sometimes asked what makes us different, and why you should travel with us. Well, here’s why:

We’re a boutique team

We deal with a select number of safari trips at any one time; because of this, we guarantee you more focused attention than you’ll get almost anywhere else. Our safari specialist Nicky or our founder Gary, will work with you to design your perfect safari; our operations team Stacey (in South Africa) and Fred (in East Africa) will expertly handle the logistics of your trip; and our carefully chosen partners on the ground will execute your dream holiday with seamless finesse.

More than that, our chief experience officer (CEO) and founder Gary – who has worked across Africa in the safari travel industry for nearly three decades – oversees every single booking, working closely with each team member to ensure every step is carefully considered, with your specific needs in mind. From the moment you book until your safe return home, we take ownership of your entire experience.

We’re based in Africa

With people on the ground in both South Africa and Kenya, we have safari covered from end to end. Being on the African continent means we’re perfectly positioned to advise you during your booking process, and that we’ll be at hand for any assistance you might require when travelling.

If you’re concerned about entrusting your holiday to a distant travel company, check out our reviews.. You can also read more about us, or follow our stories on Facebook and Instagram to get to know us a little better.

We believe safari planning starts with experiences

Sure, you can book a nondescript package online or from a local travel agent’s brochure, but a safari is no ordinary holiday. It’s so much more. For such a wonderfully immersive adventure of this nature with myriad possibilities – from safaris under the stars to drifting over the wilderness in a hot-air balloon or watching turtles nest on a remote African beach – we believe the first step is knowing exactly what your options are; what experiences are on offer.

To this end, our editor Leah has worked with our visuals specialist, Anya, and storytellers, Nick, Justin and Melissa, to create beautiful and inspiring content around the best things to see and do in Africa.

We know our stuff

Our team has spent decades living and working across Africa, which means we’ve built up a wealth of safari knowledge simply not attainable from afar. We’re also intimately connected to our safari partners around the continent, ensuring we have the most up-to-date information at all times – plus we regularly travel on safari to maintain our expertise (and because we love it!).

We’re equipped to do the work

Yes, the internet is vast and full of information, but it’s also vast and full of information! You could spend hours doing research, and endless more piecing together a safari trip by yourself, and still not be sure you’re going to the right place at the right time – or getting the best value for money.

When it comes to safari planning, we’re confident that not even Google can compete with what we know about safari travel. A quick chat or a few emails with us will have us delivering exactly the kind of safari trip you’re after, at a competitive price. Plus, you’ll have one point of contact for the entire experience, making your holiday a breeze.

We’re human

In a world that’s increasingly dominated by artificial intelligence, messenger bots and online-booking engines, there’ll always be someone to talk to with us. This not only goes for the planning stage, when we offer free, genuine, expert advice, but for any troubleshooting required along the way. (Try placing a call to booking.com from a remote safari location should you realise you’ve left your spectacles at your previous lodge, or something more serious…)

Oh, and did we mention, we live here!

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