At Art of Safari we carefully curate the conservation initiatives we support.

Who We Support…

At Art of Safari we believe that focusing our donations allows them to have the most impact. To this end, a contribution is made from each booking towards the below carefully curated initiatives. When you travel with us, know that you’re supporting them too.

Mara North Conservancy

Mara North Conservancy is a private wilderness area protecting more than 30,000ha of Kenya’s Masai Mara ecosystem. It’s managed as a not-for-profit company, in a partnership between 11 member camps and some 800 Maasai landowners.

This world-class initiative is making long-term commitments to conserving the environment, wildlife and communities of the iconic Masai Mara, which the Great Wildebeest Migration relies on to survive. To learn more, or to make a direct donation, visit Mara North Conservancy’s website.

Rhinos without Borders

Rhinos without Borders is a project that relocates rhino from poaching hotspots in Africa to safer environments on the continent. It’s a collaboration between Great Plains Conservation and &Beyond, two of Africa’s iconic lodge operators.

Due to intense poaching, Africa’s rhino are facing a desperate plight, and this unique private-sector initiative is increasing their chances of long-term survival. To find out more about this worthy cause, or to make a direct donation, visit the Rhinos without Borders website.

Organisations Worth Supporting

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